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About Us

The mission of the Lauderdale County Sports Hall of Fame is to honor the men and women of athletics of this county who have contributed to our overall sports evironment.


Our purpose is to recognize and honor their coaching accomplishments, outstanding prowess in the sports venues of this county and to honor anyone else who has enjoyed a career in the field of athletics.

Our goal is to bestow honor that is not only a tribute to the individuals we select, but to the show the community that these people are an asset to Lauderdale County.

Past Board Members
Mike Curtis               Eddie Frost            David Willingham            
Mike Goens              Steve Graham                             
Billy Prestage           Wanda Ross                        
Curtis Simpson         D.J. Thomas
Merle West               Carl Tate
Current Board Members 
Otis Boddie                                                         
Brad Black
Bill Cochran
Mickey Haddock                                
Cathy Hammond                               
Dennis Hargett
Steve Harrison - President                    
Rob Hibbett          
Shelia Brumbalow
Ronnie Pannell
Jimmy Thompson
Renita Toner
David Winborn                               

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